Slow Flow and Body Scan Meditation

at Pure Yoga Bristol

Friday 17th April 19.00 - 20.30

Come and join Jo for a relaxing Friday evening of slow flow vinyasa. This slower practice provides a fluid range of gentle and controlled movements supported and guided by the breath. Preparing the body and mind for a deeper level of relaxation.


The practice will finish with a body scan meditation. This type of mindfulness meditation promotes greater awareness of the physical body. It uses physical sensations and visualization as an anchor to root the mind in the body and into the present moment leaving you feeling grounded and centered.

A great way to spend a Friday night, feel relaxed moving into your weekend.

£18 or book via MoveGB up to two weeks before the event.

Vinyasa Flow & Live Ambient Sounds

at Pure Yoga Bristol

Friday 8th May 19.00 - 20.30

Come and join Jo and Marc for a Friday night of vinyasa flow yoga accompanied with beautiful ambient live guitar.


This vinyasa practice will offer a wide range of flowing movements guided by the breath.


To support this practice Marc will be playing his guitar and a loop station, layering sounds to create rhythmic and harmonious soundscapes to draw you deeper into the flow of the movement.

£18 or book via MoveGB up to two weeks before the event.

"Embrace and love your body.

It's the most amazing thing you will ever own."

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