Release your Hips

at Pure Yoga Bristol

Friday 15th November 19.00 - 20.30

Come and join Jo for a 90 minute hip opening workshop.

Hip openers are a wonderful way for releasing tension within the body. We tend to hold built up emotions and stagnant energy in the hips.
From our lifestyle of sitting for long hours in offices and cars, our hip flexors can become tight and stiff. Having tight hip muscles can lead to misalignment of the hips, pelvis and over arching of the lower back.
By opening the hips it allows for increased mobility, creating more circulation throughout the body and improves posture. This workshop is great for anyone looking to make space and create more mobility and flexibility in the hips and lower back.

We will start with a warm up and then we will move into a series of hip openers where you will spend time breaking down and exploring the postures deeper.

The practice will end with guided meditation and relaxation leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and much more open!

£15 or book via MoveGB up to two weeks before the event.

Slow Flow & Body Scan - Unwind for the Festive Season


at Pure Yoga Bristol

Friday 13th December 19.00 - 20.30

The run-up to the Christmas period can be one of extra pressure to rush and speed up to get everything done before the break arrives.

Come and join Jo for a slow flow vinyasa practice which provides a fluid range of gentle and controlled movements supported and guided by the breath.

To finish the practice we will come into a body scan meditation. This type of mindfulness meditation promotes greater awareness of the physical body.

It uses physical sensations and visualization as an anchor to root the mind in the body and into the present moment leaving you feeling grounded, centered and relaxed ready to take on the festive season.

£15 or book via MoveGB 
up to two weeks before the event.

Yummy Yoga Christmas

at Bedminster Quaker Meeting House

Saturday 14th December 11.00 - 14.00

11.00 - Arrive for a Welcome tea

11:15 - 12:30 - Hatha Yoga and Meditation

12:45 - 14.00 - Vegan Nut Roast

Yummy Yoga is back for a Christmas special. Join Jo for a 90 minute traditional hatha yoga practice including breathing exercises (pranayama) and a guided meditation.

Followed by a nourishing plant-based roast made with love by Phil.

This event is about bringing the community together and meeting other fellow yogi’s to share a morning of yoga, great food, conversation and start getting into the Christmas spirit.

All levels welcome, no experience necessary.

£30 or book via MoveGB up to two weeks before the event.


Additional information - Please inform us of any allergies or intolerance's in advance.

Yoga mats, blocks, belts and blankets are all provided.

Wear comfy clothing to move, eat and meditate in.


Location: Bedminster Quaker Meeting House

Wedmore Vale



"Embrace and love your body.

It's the most amazing thing you will ever own."

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