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"I am a regular at Jo’s yoga classes. Jo’s teaching is grounded with clear instruction, and positive encouragement. Her genuine commitment to developing the practice of Yoga is inspiring and enlightening. Jo is also totally approachable and genuinely giving with her knowledge and experience. 

I always look forward to my classes with Jo." 


Jane Slade

"Jo’s classes are something special for me. She gets the balance right between the physical and emotional side of yoga and it feels like she really puts herself into her teaching. Her classes are well planned and clearly delivered. She has a warm and friendly approach and it’s great the way she gives individual help. I look forward to her classes and always come away feeling calm and centred."

Bill Venables

"Jo is the most kindest and compassionate yoga teacher you’ll find! No matter how frequent or infrequent you attend her classes she’ll always go out of her way to connect and make you feel like you’re in the right place. I love how she leads her classes not by ego but by heart. She’s an absolute authentic gem and I attend her classes week in and week out now because I know that they are a special place to be."


Kate Szerencses

"From invigorating Vinyasa to gentle Hatha, I always finish Jo’s classes feeling uplifted and peaceful, and with a smile on my face! Jo is a such a warm, sunny and personable teacher, who explains every posture in a clear and accessible way – which, as someone fairly new to yoga a few months’ ago, was so helpful. Jo is mindful of making yoga accessible to everyone and always considers any injuries and individual abilities, modifying poses to suit every person. She brings a sense of fun to her classes and encourages giving new things a try, in a way that feels right for you. Whether you're beginning your yoga journey or are an experienced yogi, I would recommend Jo’s classes to anyone looking for an inspiring and positive practice."


Elizabeth Williams

"I have been doing Yoga and Pilates for around 8 years now and can honestly say Jo is one of the best instructors out there. Jo puts a lot of thought and work into her classes and that extra time makes a big difference. Her classes combine stretching, strength, meditation and breathing exercises and there is usually a theme or focus for the class to deepen our practice. Most importantly, you always come out of Jo's classes feeling calmer, stronger & happier. Definitely give it a try if you are looking for a Yoga class in Bristol and also look out for Jo's 2 hour extended classes & workshops for a proper reset!"

Karen Paley


Jo is such an intuitive, compassionate and natural yoga teacher.

Her classes are always superbly balanced between body, mind and soul.

No matter how I feel when I walk in, I always walk out feeling utterly renewed and full of inspiration.

She’s a true gem.

Leanne Yardley


Martin and I really like Jo's classes. We were trying to find the "right" teacher after our yoga teacher of 15 years moved to Scotland and in Jo we definitely did.  Hatha yoga was different to what we had been practising but we found it much more achievable and focused on calming the mind which is very important. Jo is a lovely teacher and her classes are rewarding because the good feeling you get stays with you for longer than you'd expect after the class.

Kitty Henry

I have been attending Jo's yoga class for 3 years now and having just turned 70 she has made me realise just how beneficial yoga is to someone's health and well being... You have to keep at it. You'll seize up otherwise and joints will start moaning!

Jo is an extremely friendly and grounded lady. I come away from her classes completely uplifted and re-energised. She has a calming influence and is a great yoga teacher. I look forward to resuming after her "baby break.


Mary Hall

"Embrace and love your body.

It's the most amazing thing you will ever own."

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